Our Story

Estonian Summertime

Summer in Estonia is just three months long. The land and seascapes suddenly become available to us and we welcome the opportunity to enjoy the long-awaited beauty. I was the Sales Director for an outdoor watersports equipment manufacturer for years before I realized the seasons were going by too quickly without me being able to appreciate them. Despite earning a comfortable salary for a pretty satisfying job, I decided to quit and take a summer off for the first time in my adult life.

The Start of Stand Up

I followed a page from my own sales book and bought 10 Stand Up Paddleboards. It was still the early days of SUP so I spent that summer introducing others to the fun, finally coming into contact with the equipment I had spent years selling to other people. We organized SUP activities like tours through beautiful Estonian landmarks, SUP yoga courses and fun SUP polo games – We were even invited to lead some corporate team building events soon after opening!

Fast-Growing Business

These 10 boards changed my life. People who tried our SUP activities fell in love with the sport and the demand was high enough to create a solid business model. The more popular the SUPs became the more people wanted to use the boards outside of our scheduled activity times. Although we welcomed the business, providing rental services was not a part of our original plan. I was overwhelmed by how quickly the responsibilities compounded. Equipment care, required labor, customer relations, time management, and financial reporting became exponentially more complex but we learned as we went along. We prepared for the next high season by arranging opportunities for customers to book online. Even still, we were required to spend all day at the beach waiting for people to rent and return equipment.

Motivated to Tech

By the end of our 3rd summer, I was energized and motivated to find solutions to the hurdles I faced while taking the traditional approach to operating a rental business. I had the instinct to somehow update the age-old business model for shoreside rentals and modernize it. Tech is always sexy but I was also inspired by what I learned about the industry during my time in watersports equipment sales.

Going Global

Thinking of all of the small business owners I had encountered during my days working for a global distributor tickled my imagination. I wanted to reach out to each of them and commiserate over the challenges of owning your own rental business. It became clear that creating a global community of SUP rental business owners would be the most effective way to both innovate the industry and make fun SUP activities more accessible to more people.

Start Now

If it’s true that lucky moments come from preparation meeting opportunities, there is no reason to leave your fate as a business owner to chance. The outdoor recreation industry has recently experienced a boom in popularity- specifically paddle sports.

Now is the best time to introduce customers to a rental service that actively solves problems of accessibility. Now is the time to capitalize on the current rise in demand in your area before potential customers resort to purchasing paddle boards of their own.